Leah Lang-Gluscic Eventing Clinic

Over the weekend I was able to hang out at Mid-Mo Riding Center south of Columbia Missouri while they hosted Leah Lang-Gluscic for a clinic.

Saturday was spent in the indoor arena focusing on the stadium jumping aspect of eventing. Jumps with three main lines that allowed the riders to build from ground poles on a line to more complicated courses with verticals and oxers of various difficulty levels depend on the experience level of the different classes.

Sunday was supposed to be spent on the property’s cross country course, however due to storms the previous night, riders worked in the outdoor arena. Instead of more traditional stadium jumps there was a mixture of verticals, skinnies, barrels, oxers, an arrow head and the more traditional cross country solid style jumps.

Horses and riders were given the chance to experiences jumps they had not previously encountered and learn how to better work as a team as they faced the various challeges posed to them. Ponies, draft crosses and several breeds between were ridden by a wide age range from elementary school age to adults.

Those auditing the clinic also worked on the jump crew and the barn cats made sure everyone was properly supervised.